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Analyst Jobs

Analyst jobs are defined by the type of data they assess and how that data is used. All analysts are tasked with gathering and sorting both current and historical information and providing sound advice to the company leaders regarding better ways to operate their business for financial gain.

Financial Analyst Jobs

Financial analysts advise businesses and individuals regarding investment decisions. They study economic trends and evaluate a company?Äôs current and past financial data to assess the best financial path. Generally, the only educational requirement is a bachelor?Äôs degree, and work experience is not necessary. Average pay for a financial analyst in the U.S. is $84,300 per year. Job growth in the field is favorable; the job outlook suggests an 11 percent increase in the current 10-year period.


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Information Security Analyst Jobs

Protecting the company?Äôs computer systems is the job of the information security analyst. They develop and execute security measures to defend the networks and systems. With cybersecurity on everyone?Äôs minds in recent years, their responsibilities continue to grow. A bachelor?Äôs degree is required, as is some job-related work experience. The average annual salary for an information security analyst is $95,510 and the field enjoys a much faster than average growth rate outlook.

Operations Research Analyst Jobs

There are 114,000 operations research analysts

the nation and the occupation is predicted to have a job growth rate of 27 percent, which is much faster than most careers. A bachelor?Äôs degree is necessary for entry-level employment but job experience is typically not needed. The national average salary for an operations research analyst is $81,390 per year.

Computer Systems Analyst Jobs

Computer systems analysts are sometimes called systems architects. They assess a company?Äôs existing computer systems and develop solutions to help the company operate more efficiently. They provide a mixture of business and information technology and must understand what each can and cannot do. There are 600,500 employees of this profession and they are expected to maintain an average growth rate. The average yearly wage for a computer systems analyst is $88,270.

Analyst jobs fall under the category of STEM jobs, which are showing excellent growth in both jobs and salaries. Salaries are quite competitive and there is immense variety in the types of companies hiring.

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